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Being your own boss brings many freedoms, but also new responsibilities. Anyone who dares to set up a small business with their own idea should plan well for the step into self-employment. The more comprehensive and realistic the plan, the better the risks can be estimated and the chance to start successfully increases.

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Whether you want to sell your hand-knitted wool hats or offer IT services – no future self-employed person should start a business without a business plan. In this example, the business idea is explained in detail, listed existing and required resources or listed costs. The business plan not only helps the future self-employed to plan business start-ups but also, for example, to deal with the market situation, possible competition or other risks. In addition, the business plan is the basis for funding and financing that may be needed to start the business.

There are subsidies for young entrepreneurs in every country or federal state. These can either be distributed directly in financial contributions or indirectly, for example in the form of reduced contributions for compulsory insurance. Promotions are only a small component in financing and those who can not afford the necessary equity themselves are usually dependent on loans. Here at the latest, the business plan comes back into play to find private lenders or to get funding from banks. Private financing via business loans, in particular, is becoming more and more frequent, since on the one hand investors with a small capital investment are given the opportunity to invest in a company and on the other hand, start-up companies can get into capital more easily than through a bank. For more information about cash advance loans onlineyou could look here.

Structured project execution

The actual business start-up is already preceded by a high planning effort, which does not end after the foundation. Customer projects must also be planned to precisely specify requirements or to calculate the project costs. Being a boss and an employee in your own company at the same time, project tools help with planning. In addition to locally installed software, project planning online, such as that offered by, is very popular among entrepreneurs who need a lot of travel. The project planning tool is available as an extension for Outlook as well as a web app, which can be accessed at any time. Of course, the tool can already help aspiring self-employed people to plan their business.

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