Consequences of the departure of the European Union. The Brexit

Posted by Paul Barr

The Brexit

It rains in England … and today more than ever. As a result of the departure of the European Union from the United Kingdom we want to tell you all that this entails, as has been the process, why this situation has been reached and consequences of the departure of the European Union from the United Kingdom.

What fostered the Brexit?

Many of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have the belief that, since they are part of the European Union, the United Kingdom has not been the same, longing to make their own decisions regarding their country and not depend on a Union of countries . On the other hand, those in favor of permanence, most of them young, supported continuity in Europe by having opinions such as “together we are better” and “this is how progress is supported”. In summary, a country totally divided.


To keep in mind with the law in hand

“The Treaty of Lisbon configures the right of withdrawal as a” unilateral right “of all the Member States of the Union. This is so, firstly, because the state interested in withdrawing from the Union does not request, but rather notifies the European Council of its willingness to cease to belong to the Union as a Member State. Second, because the withdrawal is not subject to any type of condition. And, third, because the withdrawal is not conditioned to the fulfillment of any requirement. “


The result of the referendum

After the vote of the British, with a very tight result, the Brexit has won, after an optimistic attitude on the part of all Europe just before preserving again and again a victory of the permanence, although it always adjusts. The exit of the European Union, voted by only 51.9% of the voters, with a difference of more than one million votes, makes the highest participation of the last 2 years. In short, a divided country, a very tight result and that hints at a period of great uncertainty for the United Kingdom and the entire European Union.


Has the entire UK voted against continuing in the European Union?

No, Scotland and Northern Ireland have voted in favor of permanency with 62% and 55.8% respectively. Like the city of London that has also voted in favor of permanence. The leader of the Scottish nationalist party announced, if the result was the exit of the Union, that it would organize an internal referendum again. We’ll see what happens.

As a result of the result of the referendum, David Cameron has announced his resignation this morning as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom that will be effective from October after the congress of his party.


And now that?

Now they touch on the long negotiations with the European Union to mark the conditions for the exit of the Union. Therefore, it will not be an immediate exit, there is even talk of a period of 2 years until the exit of the European Union is effective.

Right now the markets are reeling from the situation of uncertainty and both the Pound, the Euro, and the IBEX fall.

From the moment that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it would no longer have a free movement of goods, therefore, both British companies that sell abroad and other companies from other countries that sell in the United Kingdom would be harmed. As of that moment they will be affected by a tariff.


Concerns of the Spanish

Other questions that we raise more Spaniards is what will happen to all Spaniards who are working in England, which is estimated to be about 200,000 people. It is expected that in the medium term they will have to apply for a work permit.

Another concern that touches the Spanish closer is what will be the situation in Gibraltar, where it has gained permanence by almost 96%, and where is the concern of the Spanish working in Gibraltar, as vice versa.

All these questions will be clarified with time. There will be things that will change, we will see and we can only say time to time.